Australian wildfires have brought terrible suffering to people and animals alike. L.A.R.A's mission is to raise funds and show support to independent sanctuaries and communities that are suffering terribly during this devastation.

We aim to raise awareness of these less well known charities and help them in their recovery efforts.

Why we are doing this:
Wildlife sanctuaries have been destroyed and communities gutted.

How would we feel if this happened to us in Leicester? How would we cope?!

Here in Leicester we have a vibrant, eclectic, diverse yet close knit community of artists, musicians and independent businesses.
Together, we feel we have a chance to make a real impact and provide solidarity to some very needy people and animals.

Through L.A.R.A we want to raise as much as we can, whilst also providing a way for our community in Leicester to come together and show our love for our brothers, sisters and furry friends down under

With this in mind, we will are putting on a multi venue city wide all-day music festival extravaganza that will take place on Sunday March 22nd 2020.